Broad City (3-1 King of Subways)

skry 770

Broad City

Because there are two stars of the show and the game plan is to overwhelm you with unrelenting nonsense.

This archetype got a big nerf with the VLC ban, but got a nudge of improvement with the arrival of Rashida Jaheem, which fills a similar role (six clicks of value drawing cards + gaining credits, compared to seven from VLC). To be clear, Rashida is a LOT worse than VLC under most circumstances, although is occasionally better (gives you moon and lakshmi counters, and can be installed clicklessly off of SFT or Team Sponsorship). The plan in the early game is about the same as before: put a Moon or Rashida behind a piece of ice turn 1 and start snowballing. Try to score a useful SFT when your Moon has a bunch of counters. Go fast and start pressuring the runner to respond to your threats. Your goal is to win by about turn 7-8. For the most part, if you can make it to the midgame, you win. You have a TON of matchup-dependent outs, and the deck gives you lots of interesting decision points.

It went 3-1 at KoS and I think it is probably better in a KoS-style meta than in the current competitive meta (depends on whether folks are on Hactivist/Critic Val, which is a pretty tough matchup, or on Strike Val, which is not as bad). Matchups: Dawson on Adam (W), Dan D'Argenio (mediohxcore) on Comrades Val (W), Chris Fazio (analyzechris) on Offcampus Geist (W), and Laura Williams (osclate) on shmeguy (DDM/Maw) MaxX (L). I'm a big fan of both Laura and the shmeguy MaxX list so happy for that to be my loss on the day :-)

Overall, this is one of my favorite all-time Corp archetypes and I'm happy for it to get a bit of a boost with Rashida.