School For Ants

amnesiaphilia 100

Welcome to the Haas-Bioroid School For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Who Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too!

What is this??

We have the finest teachers that our budget can afford, guidance counselors to help our young students plan for their future, and the toughest principal in town to maintain order at our campus in Oaktown.

Students will have the opportunity to interact with cutting-edge artificial intelligences while they pursue real-world experience in fields such as advertising, economics, non-profit organization, cyber security, and electrical engineering.

How to make the most of your time at our institute:

Focus on building a solid scoring server where you dump all your upgrades (except for Tempus, keep those in hand generally) so you can play the never-advance game with your Self-Destruct Chips and Project Vitruvius.

Don't expect to win from brain damage, because you probably won't. You'll almost certainly have to score out with this deck.

NGO Front is of course excellent at baiting runners into your scoring server to create scoring windows on following turns. Just watch out for Interdiction.

Employee Strike sucks. Hacktivist Meeting especially sucks. Hold on to Kill Switch if you suspect either of those, or Interdiction.

Cards that would probably be better than some of the junk I have in this deck:


-Bio Vault

-Most other Android:Netrunner cards

Cards that are not very good but I keep them in here for the theme:

-Ryon Knight


-Oaktown Grid


26 Apr 2018 hlynurd

I'm one of those that tries to make brain damage work every time they introduce a new brain damage card. I'll give this a whirl!

26 Apr 2018 amnesiaphilia

I hope you enjoy it! I'll admit it's not a very strong deck as I was just having some fun with the theme, but it's got potential if you were to fit in some combination of Snare!, Bio Vault and/or Gene Splicer. I'd try +2 Snare! and +2 Gene Splicer, -2 Marilyn Campaign -1 Ryon Knight and -1 Oaktown Grid. I'd love to find room for a Bio Vault to enable tricky plays like installing Snare in your scoring server and then IAA Bio Vault next turn...