Snake Eyes 4581

I tried ASA Group out early and found that it was lacking in card draw. Getting to supercharge remotes or central with Hayley Kaplin level speeds is awesome and all, but I'd often find myself starving for cards, especially considering how common it is to install 2-3-4 cards in a turn.

Enter Rashida Jaheem - she's perfect in her security in your One Big Remote to fire off her ability, costs nothing to use, and feeds you dearly needed cards and a little credit boost if you brought yourself low.

Ultraviolet Clearance also helps with this a bunch, but since it's use takes your whole turn, and at best gives you 2 installs, has a moderately high play cost of 6, it is just not as good - represented by me only using 1x copy in this list with 3x Rashida Jaheem.

This deck plays as a pretty normal Semi-glacier deck with a few neat ASA tricks - those being: Restore is pretty awesome here. Rashida Jaheem is a nice card to recur, but Restoring a piece of ICE as the outermost piece of ICE in a server against a DDoS deck is pretty sweet. It's nice Apocalypse recovery too. If this is your first install of the turn, you can double-down on it too with ASA.

Speaking of Apocalypse... Architect is virtually indestructible to any trashing shenanigans once it is Rezzed, and it's a mighty fine recovery tool to hit a 'poxxer with. Architect has the potential to let you spam out 3 cards with a use - your ASA ability fires PER TURN, so Architect is slightly better here than other factions.

The ICE choices here are all to be taxing and to try to combat a wide variety of popular runners out there atm. Fairchild 3.0 is the Restricted card in this list as it's numbers are just insanely good, and I like that here. Seidr Adaptive Barrier gets pretty strong in the One Big Remote strategy that this deck uses. Cobra is my pet card and finds its way into virtually all of my decks - but I deviated from my norm and am using an Ichi 1.0 in the place of one of them as I wanted to get a higher STR Sentry in here. IP Block is my anti-AI - I had slots in Barriers for that type of card, otherwise going with a Turing wouldn't be unreasonable. Fairchild prime doesn't actually stop the runner but putting it on a central and getting the money to rez it HIGHLY DISCOURAGES running on that server for most decks, it's break cost being pretty ridiculous for most conventional decks. If I were to swap out any piece of ICE for something else, it would be the Fairchild due to it being expensive to rez and not having a face-check penalty - but it's been acceptable so far, even if it doesn't get rezzed often. Fairchild 2.0 just has excellent numbers in these Post-Yog.0 days of Netrunner, and while the humble Enigma pales in comparison to the strength of the Fairchildren, it comes with a healthy dose of End the run.

The Agenda suite is all money and the easy to score/useful to overadvance Project Vitruvius, with the lone exception of a single Chronos Project, which can really mess up opponents if it is well timed. To further the economic war, 2x Scarcity of Resources are added in as the currents here, to both slow-down/punish the runner, and to clear currents that may be annoying vs you. (Employee Strike is a little annoying, but nothing too bad. Rumor Mill is more damning, considering that cat will shutdown your Rashida Jaheem/Marcus Batty/Ash 2X3ZB9CY, but even then it is not something that should wreck your face)

19 Economy Cards with a direct benefit to you, 2 counter economy cards to just hurt the runner.

Single tech card of a Reverse Infection to mess up heavy virus builds or to buy you tempo/time if someone is on Teamturtle, or at least buy itself back for 2 if it is inapplicable.

This deck is pulling about a 65% on JNet, with 80% of the games in the casual lobby.

Thoughts for the future: Breaker Bay Grid is great to fire your Calibration Testings through with basically no cost, but other than Calibration Testing and Ash, there isn't anything that it actually works on here - so I'd actually consider scrapping the grid altogether and having 2 more card slots to play with. I considered Jinja City Grid, but I don't think there's enough ICE in this to make it worthwhile, and Jinja would change how your ability is used a bit. Considering the draw that this deck has, it might be worth trying out, maybe to the point of using more than 1 Ultraviolet Clearance.