Animal Sanctuary

pj20 1446

This is my second take on 419, after first exploring the Expose version (

The name should probably having something punny to do with Link because that's what it's all about, but Citadel Sanctuary is a very key card here, and there are still plenty of animals (Rabbits, Turtles, Birds, Mongoose).

The plan with the deck is to get as much link as possible, and start getting paid for traces. You can get up to 7 link with:

Your ID 3x Rabbit Hole Security Nexus Maxwell James The Archivist

Then once you're set-up, you make a run, and use Rogue Trading for 2 clicks & 6 credits, then let Citadel Sanctuary clear the tag for you and get paid with 3x Power Tap.

Credit Kiting is really strong here, because you have a few targets (mainly Femme and Security Nexus) and you don't care about the tag it gives you.

Since your ID gives you information on installs (or they lose a credit if they don't), Falsified Credentials is a must at 3x. Probably true in every 419 deck.

Fisk and Earthrise give you the draw you need to set-up.

Film Critic is just good right now, and you can't really afford to lose key pieces so it's pretty crucial. You have Corporate "Grant" if you need to clear Scarcity.

It's still pretty weak to rush, but you can use a Maxwell or two early to get into a server they think might be safe when you have no breakers or Nexus installed.

I could see replacing The Archivist with a Paperclip and having a spare influence, but since you're winning most traces anyway, getting a potential few free bad pub every game + a link seemed good.

Let me know what you think! After playing many games with both this and the Expose-a-palooza version, I think this is slightly more consistent, and isn't vulnerable to purges so it's a little more flexible.

27 Apr 2018 Sedj

It seems as though Deuces Wild has a place here, and since so many Corp decks are already so fast and want to assemble pieces Fisk seems less than ideal. While the Archivist seems boosted with the more recent agendas, I'm not sure it's better than Deuces and a stimhack?

27 Apr 2018 pj20

@Sedj yeah those are great calls... I posted this bc that's what I had been playign with, but I have since already made a few changes, and they are close to what you suggested:

-1 Falsified, -1 The Archivist.... +1 Paperclip, +1 Deuces Wild is where I'm at right now

27 Apr 2018 pj20

oh and obviously -1 Saker... I'm actually toying with taking out the Aumakua as well. I added a No One Home which should have been an auto include with all the link to prevent HHN