Who or What is a Restricted Card? 1st Pandemonium GNK

rongydoge 568

This deck is so much fun. Gotta go fast fast fast. I took Beyoken's Successful Demo and iterated it over a few dozen games on Jinteki and this is what came out.

It's similar to the excellent All-In SSO but with a few key changes.

1st and most important: Dedication Ceremony.

This card is great. It saves you money for advancing agendas (this deck runs poor), it saves you clicks, it can make City Works Project nigh unstealable, it creates tempo where you can instantly make any 5/3 scoreable the next turn, it does it all.

2nd: Scarcity of Resources. Scarcity is good. It helps shore up some of your worst matchups (Pirates, zombies, and anyone who likes resources. It's a good netrunner card and costs 1c.

3rd: Ark Lockdown. This card is fine. You can get it with Consulting Visit to snipe a Paperclip in the bin if you want to lock them out a little longer. The inf here between this card and Green Level Clearance is debatable.


  1. Go really fast. Use Fast Track. Fast track is critical to this deck. Tricks include: using it when the runner is low on credits to slam a 'gendie into the remote and keep farming advancement counters, Biotic + Fast Track to tutor and score a Hostile from your deck, and generally being 3 extra unstealable agendas in an 8 agenda deck. They're YOUR agendas, get them when YOU need them!

  2. You want to score your first 5/3 ASAP. Turn 2 is possible (but don't go broke doing it, use Dedication Ceremony), turn 3 is fine, turn 4 is ok, turn 5 is a little late. Leaving it out to farm advancement counters is fine as long as you're reasonably sure the runner can't get into your remote. If you see Dedication Ceremony, City Works, and ETR ice in your opening hand, keep it.

  3. You want to score fast because your scoring plan is to get the first 5/3 out of the way, then (hopefully) score everything else out by hand. You can use Biotic + RPC to score a 5/3 from hand (needs 9 credits). You can use 2x Biotic + Fast Track + RPC (13 creds) to score a 5/3 from your deck. You can use Biotic + Fast Track to score a Hostile from your deck. (6 creds but you get 7 back). Don't use RPC to score your first 5/3 or you're gonna have a bad time.

  4. There really isn't a good restricted card to play in this deck/with SSO, so don't! Mother Goddess comes closest and it's still not nearly as good as any of the other ice in here.

  5. This deck can usually relax and find its combo pieces if you score 4 or 6 points early. Only 8 agendas means that your density is low and it's much harder for the runner to steal 'em. Leave HQ lightly iced and ice up R&D against runners who like to dig and just let your combo pieces roll in once you have your lead.

  6. A lot of the time opponents think they have an extra turn if you have an un-advanced 5/3 in the terrible taxing remote. If you can't find Biotic try that ruse + RPC the next turn to win.

  7. Double Dedication Ceremony makes City Works Project do 8 meat damage to any Film Critic-less runner. 1 Dedication makes it do 5 meat. Choo choo.

  8. Slam Rashida in the remote after scoring to find your combo pieces faster.

  9. Use Hollywood Renovation to score Hostile out of hand by installing the Hostile and advancing Hollywood twice. Bonus points if you Biotic + Fast Tracked the Hostile to score 4 points in a turn. It feels good to do that.

  10. Asteroid Belt, Dedication Ceremony, and a 5/3 are your best friends in your opening hand. If you think your opponent is on DDoS or Inside Job or any of the resource pirate breakers then hesitate, but most of the time they can't break a free 6 strength ETR turn 1.

  11. Wormhole is great for triggering your triple advanced Hortum to grab combo pieces.

  12. For a long time I thought Colossus was too expensive to run in this deck for an ice without an ETR. I was wrong. 7 strength sentries are no joke and trashing your opponent's breakers to lock them out #feelsgood.

  13. Don't forget to sleeve the 3rd Biotic Labor and play a 48 card 11 influence SSO like me. That's not ideal.

This deck is just really fun and goes really fast. It feels faster than Titan Atlas train plus you get all this huge free ice. I tried Navi Mumbai City Grid to counter Pirate Haley and D4v1d but that idea was bad and didn't work 99% of the time. All my opponents were awesome and Pandemonium Games in Cambridge is a great place to play Netrunner. Thanks Harry for the name and the cards and everything else.

14 May 2018 brightknight216

I like your deck but I am curious how do you play against early R&D dig especially with Pirate Hayley or Ayla playing Deep Data Mining in the early turn.

14 May 2018 rongydoge

`@brightknight216' those are real concerns for this deck. Against Hayley you can mulligan hard for Scarcity. If you suspect R&D dig mulligan for either Ice Wall or Hortum so you can rez them t1 without a public agenda on the board. Either way against opponents on pirate breakers or R&D dig you have to play a little bit more cautiously.

1 Jun 2018 DrTalos

As a die hard Titan fan (who was in a three way tie for second place at that same GNK at panda), I must sleeve this up and see how it compares. Honestly, this feels way more "Weyland-like" than titan also. Thanks for the list.