RCG *Modern* Runner Draft Cube 6 Players Vers. 0.1

Late 234

Updated Version here:


Hello fellow Netrunner Draft Enthusiasts!

This is my newly made untested Runner Alpha Version of the Rosenheim City Grid's own *modernized" Version of the infamous Stickhack Cube. Kudos to Bluebird for that one, we played it a bunch and it never disappointed. Now we wanted to mix it up a bit so with his Cube as a basis, my own little Cube Baby came into the World.

Currently it's for 6 Players only as I threw out quite a lot of cards - and 6 Players seem to be the magic number for attendees showing up to our little get-togethers.

Will test tonight (27.04.2018) and hopefully see whats missing or OP and get some pointers where to add a few copies to bring this up to 320 cards.

So Long and thanks for all the Fish!

Recipe Per Player:

~ 10 Events

~ 6 Hardware

~10 Ressouces

~ 6 Programms

~ 8 Icebreakers

=40 Cards per Player

Starting Cards: The Usual

1 Aurora

1 Force of Nature

1 Pipeline

2 Armitage Codebusting