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MisterMonocle 225

So, looking at the Criminal suite of breakers in the revised core set, I already see my problems. Aurora is... Bad, and Peacock is not much better. Whatever savings they get from their 2 +3 strength, they immediately lose because it costs 2 to break a subroutine. And what if you only need one extra strength? What if you come accross a piece of ice with more than 1 subroutine?

Well bugger to that I say, Crypsis, you're in. At least the Criminal killers are pretty darn good. Faerie loves low strength, high subroutine breakers, but she'll be as efficient as you can get against pretty much anything. And Femme Fatale, how I love you. No more worries about Tollbooth, Flare... Just a happy day to be a criminal.

The problem with Crypsis is that his favourite food is my favourite furniture: Piles of money. Therefore we're going to have to get a job. A Bank Job. Failing that, we can find an Easy Mark, or maybe get our hands dirty with a Liberated Account. If worst comes to worst, an honest Armitage Codebusting. Of course, our good friend Gabe gets 2 forhis first successful run against a HQ, and with Datasucker and Ice Carver, we shouldn't have too much trouble getting into what we want.

Made with one Revised Core Set

30 Apr 2018 BlackCherries

If you're playing in a RC-only environment, you'll need an answer for Wraparound other than Femme Fatale :)

30 Apr 2018 MisterMonocle

Ah heck, completely forgot about wraparound. Might have to eat my own words and stick in a copy or two of Aurora just in case.