Agenda gattling, aka The Red Russian

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You win Netrunner by scoring Agendas, right?

This deck plays a strange hybrid of assetspam, shell game, and milling that forms a very efficient engine that can attack on a variety of axes. Also, you actually score agendas, so your friends won't yell at you for playing an asset-focused Jinteki deck.

The Agendas

16 of them. The important ones are the 1-pointers, which fuel your various gameplans. House of Knives and Chronos Project help you mill out those pesky runners, and HoK especially makes them pause, slow down, and gives you the time to get your gattling gun running. The Future is Now lets you fetch whatever cards you need to get your engine running again.

Project Kusanagi is amazing in this deck, letting you trigger Team Sponsorship or shoot your opponent for damage, loading up their score area for a huge Philotic Entanglement (or, more likely, second shot at Philotic, with 24/7 News Cycle).


The main combo of the deck is the one of Team Sponsorship and Tech Startup, allowing you to fetch more and more assets as you score agendas. Turtlebacks and Advanced Assembly Lines are obvious inclusions, and the single Rashida Jaheem has worked wonders. You rarely want more than one, as you can't really build a remote to protect her in, but have plenty recursion.

The lonely, sad Psychic Field along with her infinitely better sisters, Snares, allow you to scare runners. Just when they think "this guy's just installing Agendas, I can go get them!", pop down a Snare on the board (heresy, I know, but it works) and watch the fireworks. I've been thinking about adding more Psychic Field if 419 becomes more popular, as you can force the Expose, leading to a possible OTK.


Cheap and taxing is the way to go. You will not keep runners out with this deck. Trust your ID ability to discourage multiaccess, put the fear in them with Snares, and make them spend all their time checking your remotes. IP Block is especially useful with the prevalence of Aumakua.


Shipment from Tennin might seem strange as a 3-of in a deck that can't keep a runner out, but it's important for a couple of reasons: Scoring Philotic is important, and not an agenda you want to risk laying on the board to be stolen. It's also your only reasonable way of scoring Obokata Protocol, with ye olde never-advance into double Tennin. It's also useful for breaking The Source and Currents.

24/7 News Cycle is an amazing kill card with Philotic. Also useful with Chronos Project to wreck the day of Geists and MaxX's everywhere.


Lay them agendas down, as fast as you can. It doesn't matter if they stole one and you scored one: you gained advantage AND points, they just got points and lost a card to boot. The game will go long, thanks to your glut of 1-point agendas, losing one is no big deal.

If you ever ICE a remote, ICE the Team Sponsorship. It's your key engine piece. Always recur them first, save your Preemptive Actions for them, do whatever you can to keep them in play. Once you have the Sponsorship, the world is yours.

What about Film Critic? She's only a pain when she takes Obokata for free. The point of the net damage from PE is not to kill, but to slow the runner down. If they slow themselves down by spending 2 extra clicks per agenda they steal, I'll be more than fine with it.

I hope you'll have as much fun with the deck as I've had, and remember: score Agendas. It's how you win the game. It's in the rules.