Swapsy's Revenge

PureFlight 1028

After playing my Inversificator Kit deck for a few months, this is where it's landed. F5MNISSJ7QGFH9O.ANIMATED.LARGE.gif


I've won a ton of games at my LGS with this deck, and most recently got to 2nd at our GNK (sorry, Critical Run Tournament) with Kit only dropping a game against CI Moons. It was a tough matchup further strained by some bad draw, but it was a close game and I lost 5-7. I bested Urban Renewal IG and Moons Asa.

Kit is well-placed in a meta where almost 50% of all ice are code gates. Don't underestimate her - she's a strong Tier 2 and will win games even against Tier 1 decks.


The biggest change was the switch from Daredevil to The Gauntlet, dropping The Turning Wheel for influence. The draws I was getting from Daredevil were usually overkill, as you tend not to run until you've got a bit of a rig down anyway. Plus, Daredevil draws aren't ProCon draws, and I'd almost rather just get the money from ProCon.

The Turning Wheel was there for HQ pressure, which The Gauntlet does better most of the time.

I switched the fancy Artist Colony+Fan Site+The Shadow Net combo for a more traditional SOT+SMC package. You lose the ability to pull up Cyberdelia and Beth, but most of the time you're digging for breakers anyway.

This freed up slots, so an extra Deep Data Mining was in order.


You're playing Lock Shaper here, so your priority is to stop them from scoring out of their remote. You may even want to run their remote when they're not scoring to clear out upgrades and mess up their ice. Spooned is ideal for this.

Against spam, you are just a Deep Data Mining Delivery System (DDMDS). Trash the bare minimum number of assets and challenge their centrals. They will never keep you out because they don't have enough ice.

Future Changes

I would be interested to hear about Gebrselassie and Laamb, but I doubt they're better than System Seizure (counter current) and Inti (free to install, Takobi support).

There's probably an Engolo Kit deck on the horizon, but this is likely not it. That deck might use Tinkering and Egret for support, which means you could lose DDM . But maybe there's some similar overlap here.

Although Multithreader+Cyberdelia is awesome for basically blanking the first ice you break each turn, Threader might be the weakest econ card in the deck. A Stimhack would be a decent replacement.