Surfing Sheep

themaninthehighcastle 83

Money, money, draw, draw. A reasonably standard big rig style surfer deck. Ever since Inversificator went on the restricted list, Surfer just hasn't been the same. Now with Laamb, Chaos Theory: Wünderkind gets to learn how to ride the waves!

Use Laamb and Surfer to break in anywhere once per turn and Magnum Opus to fund to it all. Being Chaos Theory: Wünderkind means you've got the starting MU to fit it all together. Daredevil gives you the extra MU to set up the rest of you're rig if needed and keeps you good for draw.

7 May 2018 Cliquil

Of course! How did I not see this? Brilliant! :)

8 May 2018 onibaku06

Have you considered the new Shaper Hardware, Gebrselassie?

8 May 2018 themaninthehighcastle

I looked at that but I figured I'd probably get limited use out of it. Laamb generally means you'll only be breaking ice once a turn while Surfer ensures that you only have to break one piece of ice per run.

8 May 2018 ayyyliens

Can you install multiple Laamb's and use their ability 3x per turn?

9 May 2018 themaninthehighcastle

yep, for sure. That's generally the idea with a lot of Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman Inversificator decks. You certainly have the MU to do that, whether you'll have the credits is a different matter.