My Best Whizzard Impression

CritHitd20 3106

Hey let's solve Freedom together!

There are a lot of cool things you can do to generate virus counters, but I want a generically powerful rush Anarch that uses the ID to pressure centrals or disrupt asset development as much as possible. To that end we have Yusuf as our primary virus generator, doubling as a fracter and a Datasucker that works on remotes. VBG and Trypano allow recovery from purges and also synergize great, forcing the corp to purge every two turns to save the ice you want to trash. That's all the virus shenanigans I want and all I think I need, Freedom doesn't want to be set back by purges.

SMC is our redundant copies of D4 and Clot early game, Maxwell is to punish rush decks trying to score Nisei or Atlas before we find a rig, everything else is boring and great.

There are obvious strengths in cards like Knobkierie or Friday Chip or Consume, but I based my decisions on the deck being as cheap to establish a complete rig as possible. The goal is to use Freedom on HQ every turn excluding Moons or CtM, where you likely are using the ability to save money on trashes. This version of the deck is already strong, but I want to see it continue to develop. I strongly believe this ID is equal to if not better than Val, and I want to see how far we can get Freedom by Regionals.

Lemme know what you've found with the ID that is strong or what in this list isn't working for you!

8 May 2018 Sintor

Been testing most of the night, works really well. I subbed turntable for 2x Knob and went up to 46. It really helps a lot. Oddly enough, if they weren't FA, I found myself clone chipping Trypanos back out into the field. Knob + VBG really seemed to provide some burst ice destruction people didn't expect and combined with Maxwell had some great remote value dives (Tryp at 3 when turn starts, knob to 4 with run on hq, vbg to 5 for ice removal, Maxwell down the inner ice and pick up the agenda.) Knob also comes in with a pile of virus mem and lets you have out multiple Tryps and Yusufs for virus counter value.

Cards I didn't find a lot of use for (keep in mind I'm still somewhat new to NR):

D4v1d - I never really saw a spot to throw it in and have it provide much value. I don't really know the best use for this one. Might be my inexperience but I'd have to be sure it was an agenda or the final TW run.

SMC - I was kinda 50/50 on this one. Used it against Skorpios a couple times and it was good for getting my breaker suite set up without the bin. It being a one-of, I didn't really see it when I needed against FA shenanigans to tutor up Clot.

My biggest problems were economy at times (actually having to use the bin breakers was pretty back-breaking) and decking myself against damage decks.

Wasn't quite sure what to mulligan for, mostly tried for 1-2 econ with at least one virus token collector. I'm curious to throw in Acacia - the econ felt like it would have made a huge difference for me a few times when the big purge came down and I had multiple Yusuf, VBG, and Tryp out. Excited to hear how others are doing with the deck and thoughts.

8 May 2018 CritHitd20

I've made a few minor changes based on some games.

-2 Hacktivist, +1 Yusuf, +1 Liberated

This was to improve economy a hair and ensure seeing Yusuf ASAP since it's key to the deck humming along. Hacktivist was cut as your matchup against CtM and CI Moons is rock-solid already and you can fight through Scarcity just fine.

The SMC is underperforming but it is huge in the Titan matchup so I'm unsure on cutting it yet. The Maxwells are also not doing phenomenally but they are a generically good enough card that I haven't thought of a more suitable replacement. It could make sense to swap Maxwell for DDoS if there is a good inf card to replace based on what it is being used for.

Things I am currently wondering about in some capacity include Career Fair #3, DDoS, Stimhack, Atman, Ice Carver, and a spicy 1x Apocalypse since you have so much redundancy and the #1 way people seem to try and beat this is a remote that beats what you're doing.

9 May 2018 rubyvr00m

Really digging the list, thanks for sharing it! I've been testing a slightly different influence/draw package:

-1 SMC, -1 Clone Chip, -2 Earthrise, -1 Clot, -1 D4v1d

+2 Laguna Valasco, +1 Career Fair, +1 Virus Breeding Ground, +1 Liberated Account, + 1 Yusuf

It's been performing really great for me so far. I know Laguna is a bit more click intensive than Earthrise, but I like that you can Career Fair it out for 2 credits and have draw for the rest of the game. Laguna has also been instrumental in beating some of these Mwanza Grid decks that have been popping up on

I haven't really missed the SMC or any of the utility programs too much, in the games I played with them I usually found my MU really cramped. Even with Turntable down, 5 MU goes pretty quick with Yusuf(2) MK, Orchestra and a Trypano.

Obviously losing the ability to Clot sucks in the matchups where it matters, but I guess I'm willing to roll the dice with Turntable and using Freedom's ability to trash Fast Advance pieces since a lot of them are fairly cheap to destroy (Audacity, Reconstruction Contract, Dedication Ceremony, etc. Biotic Labor is only 4 which isn't that hard to come up with either).

14 May 2018 Myldside

My only wish is that this type of deck be called Tryps and Chips. I'd love to see at least one Friday Chip here if only for that reason, but I think a stronger case case can be made for a third VBG to support Yusuf and Freedom's ability. I'll play with it and see what I think. This whole new spin on virii is really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

14 May 2018 wynalazca

Does this deck want a single paperclip for backup? Too poor?

14 May 2018 zmb

I know there is CC for this, but man Inject really sucks with so many programs and no recursion. In 3 games alone the Injects trashed most of my Trypanos and at least one Yusuf per game. Also Yusuf really sux if you don't draw your Virus Breeding Ground and the corp hides behind large barriers

15 May 2018 BobAloVskI

@zmbIt is probably worth the trade-off of having the extra speed to your deck (IMO, one of the reasons why the Anarch faction is strong at the moment). If you find you need another way to recur the programs you lose, I would recommend slotting a Retrieval Run.

16 May 2018 CritHitd20

@wynalazcaI think that the singleton Paperclip isn't really necessary since I want to break subroutines with Yusuf or D4 depending on the availability of virus counters. Since VBG and Trypano help fuel that card without runs you shouldn't reach a state in the game where you're punished for not playing Paperclip, but if you find games are going too long adding one could make sense. I play very aggressively so I haven't been punished for only using Yusuf yet.

@zmbLosing programs to Inject is worth it; Inject is too powerful a card draw effect to not use, and spending Clone Chips to recur Yusuf is totally fine. I did raise the number of Yusufs to 3 in the hopes I don't have to spend a Chip that way though. Clone Chip is more in the deck to help fuel aggressive plays or selectively recur Clot/D4, and spending them on Trypano is more for if the situation would reward that play. I do think there is potential merit in swapping a Trypano for a 3rd VBG to both keep Freedom and Yusuf online without much run investment against more chunky ICE decks.