Probably Bad Asa

yads 138

Went 2-1 at a 7 person GNK with this. Pretty straight forward deck, lots of money to actually make use of your Asa triggers and draw from UVC. NEXT Ice suite to rush early agendas and get that sweet NEXT Sapphire value. The loss was against Sunny which is just a horrible matchup unless they draw poorly and you're able to rush them out. The Root ideally combos with Breaker Bay grid to get massive value. This deck is surprisingly good against Freedom unless they're going all in on Viruses. Efficiency Committee is to allow for value purges.

16 May 2018 djkokakola

playing [The Root] in 2018

oh yads

16 May 2018 yads

It's the new hot anti Khumalo tech. Honestly though in a lot of games I get like 7+ credits of value from it, since it makes getting Asa triggers on ice installs cheaper. I'm trying Stinson in its place right now, will have to report back on how that does.