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zegrid 20

I took this deck to a local Modded-style tournament: one revised core and one pack from Kitara. It won twice, beating Jinteki: Personal Evolution and Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together, and dropped a game to Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World.

419: Amoral Scammer seemed like a decent pick for econ pressure and/or some extra information. Continuing with the econ pressure theme, Emergency Shutdown, Falsified Credentials, and Forged Activation Orders all seemed like they would help on that front. I got FAO + ES to pay off against an Anansi, which felt really good! I wanted Crash Space + Rogue Trading to pay off, but the combination never seemed to work; three clicks is a big tempo hit.

The breaker suite was pretty straightforward, given the limited card pool. I included Dyson Mem Chip partly because with such a limited card pool, what else are you going to pick?, but partly because Magnum Opus and Battering Ram would chew through memory pretty quick. Never got to install one, though.