Monkey's Paw

Thike 1193

Azmari is free money. Money makes it easier to murder.

Azmari has a small deck size. This makes it easier to find your murder weapons.

I'm not sure what kind of school they're running, but don't expect too much leniency on missed deadlines.

This is the deck I've been playing for the past few weeks. I haven't had much inspiration on corp side of the game, so it's been nice to fall back on playing and refining this one. The plan is pretty simple: make money, tax the runner, aim to be ready to kill them at a moment's notice, use that posturing to score if needed. Kills and scores are pretty even, which is how I like my multiple win conditions. Sometimes Punitive gets taken off the table by Film Critic or infinite cash, but until then keep both objectives in mind.


  • Scarcity turn 1 is good. (Duh.) Doubly so when you only have 6 agendas making it harder to trash before you're set up with ice.

  • Don't be afraid to rush a bit at the beginning. It's easy to get caught in the temptation to wait to set up the trap. You're not going to have the kill together until the midgame and being 3 points up, especially if it's an SSL, really puts the pressure on.

  • Make the remote the focus of the game. The best way to tax a running is to bait them over a Tollbooth over and over. Double advancing everything often means that Echo Chamber often gets ignored, and is an easy 7th point.
  • This is a basic skill, but extra important with this suite: Keep track of your agendas. Remember that you've only got 6, so it's easy to calculate just how (un)profitable each server is for the runner.
  • MCA Informant deals with pesky Film Critics.
  • Preemptive Action often recycles money cards or traps, but can also be used to ue Punitive to tax the runner if you can cycle them around. You'll find them.
  • Death and Taxes is REALLY good. Remember that it's a transaction, and can be recurred by Stinson.

If I had to look at anywhere to improve, it would be the ICE suite. They're all relatively taxing for a decent price, but I sometimes didn't have the ETRs I needed to score behind. IP Block is probably the weakest inclusion and is often blanked by link runners. Endless EULA is great, if a little pricey when they don't run over it a bunch.