Consumer of Worlds

moofin 1

Experimental APEX deck! I love APEX. I̹̠̳̣̕ ̤̹͙̻̣͜͢͜a̡̜̕͜ḿ͙̠͜͡ ̡̰͚̣͈͞v̸̟̣e̦̫̫͔͉͕͍ͅr̸͏̳̪͚y͕̼̰̜ ͕̫͉͙͍̺͇̀ḫ̵͖͇̠̰̟̤̭̖u̝̜̣̣̣̥͞m҉̴̪͙̝̘͍̼̮̣à̸̡̩͈̹̲̳n̩

15 May 2018 h0bb35

Hi. Just wanted to point out that Daily Casts doesn't work with Assimilator. It needs to be installed to get the credits on it.

15 May 2018 pang4

I would definitely run Deuces Wild instead of Process Automation. It's almost a strict upgrade.

16 May 2018 Aethusium

You should definitely try to include Cyber-Cypher instead of the Black Orchestra ; the interaction with Assimilator is such that when you flip it, it actually permanently works on all servers.

16 May 2018 Aethusium

Though I understand the synergy of trashing the MKUltra to get some credit refund, you might replace it along Black Orchestra with Cyber-Cypher and Na'Not'K. Indeed the influence costs remains the same, and Na'Not'K makes quite some sense because people against Apex: Invasive Predator tends to stack ICE on centrals to avoid Apocalypse (even though you don't play it, they can't just go ignoring you could) and Na'Not'K is quite good against ICE stacking.

Aside of this, Fisk Investment Seminar really eats you quite some influence and i'm really not sure how good it is there as you don't build around. Therefore I would rather use another draw card like 2 copies of I've Had Worse that are less restrictive, also defend against net/meat if you keep them in hand and have the same draw power for a 1 credit difference but are never going to help the coporation against your will.