Tryps and Chips!

mr_wednesday 8

After fumbling around with a Freedom deck that focused on using Egret, Yusuf, and Crypsis and/or Aumakua for about a week and losing entirely too many times to:

•IP Block out of CtM

•Rush from the corp while my breakers, econ, or virus tech wasn't showing up

•Decking myself

I came to the conclusion that it would work better as a 50 card deck, and my buddy Insanit pointed out that I might as well play Val for the bad pub and Rebirth into Freedom (alt deck title right there).

So I did. And it works pretty damn good.

16 May 2018 Dracon_ian

Do you not find it economically weak?

19 May 2018 mr_wednesday

Not so far. If you look at the spread of cards available it's a pretty cheap deck to run. I'm actually testing a version with less econ and more Trypano recursion currently.