Punitive Evolution

obscurica 1288

Oh, Mwanza City Grid is going to be a fun one. With Personal Evolution utilizing Punitive Counterstrike, facechecking a Mwanza'd R&D may very well be the worst thing you can contemplate. Even if you luck the hell out with two or three agendas, should you even bother, given the risk of imminent death?

Well, no. Because you probably aren't going to hit jackpot. You're probably going to eat a Snare! to the face instead, which the corp's more than happy to pay for given that Mwanza makes it pay for itself. You'll run smack into a Breached Dome or two, losing valuable options to the whims of RNG. And even if you survive all of that, you just end up accelerating the corp's econ game anyhow.

This only gets worse as the game goes on and the combination of Genotyping and Hasty Relocation basically strips your deck of anything BUT things that hurt a tremendous amount to even touch. Meaning you can almost forget about icing up your centrals -- it'll take care of itself while you make a hell server to safely score out of at your leisure.

Alternatively: they luck the hell out and scoop up three Braintrusts and a Medical Breakthrough in one go, smugly dropping four nonlethal cards from hand as your jaw drops in disbelief.

C'est la vie...