Fast draw sunny

Angelofdeath 7

If you have little net damage in your meta drop feedback filter and peace in our time for 2xTTW.

This deck is very good, running in the high 80% on jinteki after allot of test games, its the only sunny that is able to deal with fast corps.

Maxwell james, cortez and whitehat make runners cry, this deck is much faster than its Reina equivalent and in my opinion much more successful

18 May 2018 mao

@Angelofdeath well it's not the only fast Sunny, there are 2-3 other fast builds. This one seems fragile finding programs and, in the eventuality that the Corp trashes one of them, you don't have backup.

19 May 2018 Angelofdeath

Yup, but give it a try, I cut and cut and never missed the extra programs. Again skirt etc you are ID blanking and White batting away program killers. If you expect lots of anasi swap put in an extra copy of sentry. With a no one home up to protect again damage or tag and nexus, you can run a lot of double ice and get through.

Like I said give it a try...