Self-Destructive Aginfusion

Bloel 60

Fun Fact: You can trash a Self-destruct after the runner encounters a Data Loop and kill them if they have less than three cards! With that in mind here's a silly deck I've been playing for a while.

The plan is to money up and build a scoring remote protected by Data Loops and Kakugos. Your other ice can go on centrals as they’re cheap and taxing (apart from DNA Tracker which is just a beast). You can then start scoring Obokatas in your remote and Aginfusion’s ability will help this and you can also use your Self-destructs to either flatline the runner or create enough of a kill-threat to score out.

The other great part of Aginfusion’s ability is that if you have a money lead, a rezzed Data Loop on the outside of your remote and a Self-destruct in it then you might be able to flatline the runner whenever they encounter one of your ice! You can even make use of this on your turn with An Offer You Can’t Refuse (which is probably only in this deck because it’s my favourite card).

The 3/2s in the deck can either be scored with Shipment from Tennin or be jammed in the remote disguised as the other installable cards. Cerebral Static might catch out a wild Geist

I’ve had a lot of fun with this deck and an earlier version of it helped me win a pretty casual 8 person GNK so it’s not terrible. Give it a whirl even if it’s just an excuse to sleeve up Self-destruct.

20 May 2018 Simone Suka