Last Click Adam?

Pinkwarrior 2278

After some testing and about 7-8 games with only 1 loss i figured their was something here despite the original running cards like Jackpot! & Adjusted Chronotype the core of the deck seemed solid, use Laamb & Surfer as your rig. Throw in some Logic Bomb's to get round Laamb's poor boost ability or the lack of one of your "breakers".

Multithreader makes your rig much better since you can use the credits on Surfer or Laamb once you get a couple down running becomes much cheaper.

Brain Cage this is super important getting Safety First draw's are insanely important and this card turns that on without any caveats like Brain Chip. Put another way if your not getting that free draw your playing a Maxx deck that trash's the top 2 cards of their deck but doesn't draw (tho arguably that could be better). Plus side you can (and i have on more than one occasion) use Emergent Creativity to get this into play. Also don't worry about extras clogging the hand later as you can just throw them with EC or your hand will be huge anyway in the late game thanks to Brain Chip so it's not really an issue.

RNG Key swapped in for Jackpot! what can i say Jackpot!'s pretty weak sauce the only benerfit is that RNG Key takes up MU which can be a problem without Brain Chip online but theirs 3 copies and 0 to install so it's always the first to go, I know it'll come back later.

Citadel Sanctuary & Temple of the Liberated Mind these are swapped in from Adjusted Chronotype the point been to not lose due to using a Logic Bomb and hitting something like Snare! or Prisec. These are much better in that regard as citadel has more applications and 1 credit to remove a tag clicklessly is fine by me. TLM on the other hand opens up alot of plays to the point i wish it was 2 inf cos then i could justify it as a 2x, it allows you to make 2 runs with Logic Bomb since you can click 3 put a counter on click 4 run then after the runs over or after using Logic take that click back and make another run. The fact this is a paid ability means as long as theirs a counter on you can pull some really wired plays like quad clicking through a 2.0 bioroid or just generally been more risky cos you know you have a spare click if you need it.

Film Critic still my standard restricted card in decks has more use for adam cos of the early game problem of hand size so having another way to get Obokata's or getting round punitive.

Process Automation yeah i no it's the worse one cos it draws less but actually you don't need that draw power as much anyway thanks to SF and really i was eyeing up Easy Mark here. Even over Career Fair just because of that early game issues last thing you want is a CF stuck in you hand and no targets. EM doesn't have that problem but i figured id rather have that extra draw over the last credit so Process Automation seemed like the better call.

The Shadow Net well i was seeing alot of News Teams and sometimes you gotta trade an agenda for an agenda. Mainly this is an easy flexi slot for what ever you feel fits your meta more.

Feedback Filter & Trope i see alot of Jinteki what can i say. If you don't maybe change them tho the Feedback Filter is a great back-pocket card thanks to Emergent Creativity allowing you to just go get it.

21 May 2018 Stoned44

Had hoped to see that list after game with Amavric. THX.

21 May 2018 Pinkwarrior

@Stoned44 No problem hope you enjoy