Revised Core Set: NBN Teaching (1 Core Only)

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nchoong1 750

Start with Basic Deck Building process by combining all NBN (27 cards) with all Neutral (21 cards). This is a good start, I'm only missing 1 to make it 49 cards and the minimum for this ID is 45 cards. Let's get to it step-by-step:

[1] Agenda Density. The deck at 49 cards requires 20-21 agenda points. It is always best to go max cards at the minimum points to reduce the likelihood of drawing agendas. I have a total of (11) agenda cards at 20 points.

[2] Decent Spread of ICE. Generally about 15-18 cards in total. Since the ID is about traces, those with traces are auto-includes to maximize ID's advantage. I have a total of (6) Sentries, (5) Barriers and (5) Code Gates.

[3] Economic Engine. Generally 9-12 cards in total. In fact, I have 8 in total I have to make up on this later.

[4] Use Influence. This ID comes with up to 15 to spend. Use influence to import tricks to confuse and surprise the Runner or to shore up weaknesses in the deck. Here's my thought process for this faction teaching deck.
- added cards that help in advancement tokens, Ice Wall, Shipment from Kaguya and Trick of Light.
- added Snare! and Shadow since I am playing tags and ID has trace advantage.

[5] Cutting Cards. We have far more than needed to reach 49 cards in total.
- removed Anonymous Tip we have high agenda density don't want to draw too many out.
- removed Enigma because there is excess Code Gate ICEs.
- removed Wall of Static preferring Ice Wall.

Every card should be readily understood, and there should be a minimum of rules clarifications necessary. Enjoy!