Coattails 2.0 (3-0 Dunedin, NZ GNK)

Ghost Meat 469

This is the updated version of my list from NZ Nationals (, most notably with the inclusion of Rashida Jaheem, a tremendous card in this deck, given its desire for fast advance combo piece options. Games at this tournament were against Leela, Reina, and Kit, scoring out in the first two, and landing a Boom in the third.

Other changes in this iteration were the addition of a second Boom, which can open up more less-finicky kill opportunities, and a Crisium to help cut down on impactful Shaper events like Deep Data Mining and Indexing. Will probably want to find space for another one once Diversion of Funds drops in the next pack.

The most satisfying score on the day was Biotic Labor, Fast Track for Atlas, Install Atlas, and Consulting Visit for Dedication Ceremony on an already installed Reconstruction Contract (and trash to move 3 counters to Atlas and score).

This deck placed first overall with Adam as its wingman:

Thanks to the Dunedin crew for close, fun games today, and the Megazone game store for hosting us!

7 Jun 2018 eadipus

this took me to 28th at Euros with -1 Audacity and +1 Ice Wall as I stressed about 9 ICE not being enough.

The Ark Lockdown is boss