Delayed Eviction Notice

Handsome Jack 1586

Urban Renewal kill deck. Get some lite ICE like Fc2 and Architect on centrals, then build a strong remote with FC3s and Tempus. Use Rashida as bait and to build tempo, and when you're ready, stick an Urban Renewal in the server and wait until the doomsday clock ticks down. Note that you need to inflict 1 brain damage or handsize reduction to win, but this is relatively easy and can be achieved in a number of ways, from easiest to hardest.

Enforced Curfew play on Urban Renewal last tick

Tempus fire with 1 click or less

Kill Switch fire on a steal

FC3 and FC2 fire

Zed 2.0/Kamali 1.0 fire

Overall this deck has been doing surprisingly well. One thing to note is that CybDiv will eventually rotate, so I think the best home for this shell will be Asa. You need to get an additional brain damage but that isn't too hard given the number of brain cards we are getting.