Algebraic 581

Just a fun deck I would throw out whenever I was getting bored of practising for Euros and writing this up is another way to have a semi-break. The idea was to have a go at making Embezzle work. Firstly, it's never going to be an entirely wasted event with Steve Cambridge's trigger but with an Apocalypse deck, the main plan is to try to remove ICE from the corp's hand. A good player will probably twig what is going on fairly quickly and hold on to ICE to rebuild after the Apocalypse so I think Embezzle is a good way to try exploit that. Anyway this deck has a small surprise factor which will immediately disappear when Diversion of Funds turns up so good luck getting into HQ easily for Steve.

The animals, Gbahali and Konamato, are a nice addition to the usual Criminal tricks of Inside Job, Spear Phising, Grappling Hook and Sneakdoor Beta to get in enough times to wreck the board state. If it can work in Geist then I feel it should work in Steve too. Tapwrm is a nice Unicorn include to slow the Corp down with a purge as Gang Signs don't stick around too long. There are many holes to fix here, for example, a Current to counter Scarcity of Resources but it was a fun deck to wield as a warm down before Kampala Ascendent lands.