Welcome to India, My Dude (6-0 at GNK)

Saan 3078

There's something magical that after including 3 copies of both Door to Door and Economic Warfare that there's exactly enough influence leftover for a BOOM!. I took this to a GNK recently, where it went 5-0 against 2 Smoke decks, a really cool Khumalo deck, an Alice deck, and (somehow) a 419 Power Tap Nexus deck (I also played one of the Smoke players again because our matches were over so quickly, which I also won; thus the 6-0). Every win ended in the runner's death, although I could have scored out eventually in a couple of them.

So this isn't exactly a new deck, since iterations of it have been seen since I think Worlds 2016 or something. Door to Door is a terrible, terrible card, except in Making News, where it's actually pretty sick. Ironically, I think that during testing the card would be playable in Weyland with traces in the 2-3 range, but these would be insane in Making News, so it had to be nerfed to a trace 1, making the card completely unplayable in faction, but still good in Making News.

Anyhow, this deck is a hard econ denial deck, and the primary tool for this is Door to Door and Aryabhata Tech. Basically, you throw the runner in the space where they either spend 3 credits at the beginning of every turn to dodge a tag, or they take the tag and still lose 1-3 credits (gaining you 1-3 credits). Counter currents hurt the Door to Door aspect, but your ICE is still pretty bad for the runner with an Ary Tech in play. There was a game where first turn I put down an Ary tech in a remote, ICEd it with a Macrophage, then just took a credit. The runner ran it, I rezzed both, and they lost every trace, losing 4, and I gained 4. This feels good.

The runner has a hard time running early at all because of Econ Warfare combined with 3 copies of HHN, so the runner can run at a fairly "safe" 12 credits, and then drop to 4 after 2 Econ Warfare, which lets HHN hit. If any Ary Techs are rezzed, they then lose even more credits from the failed trace, meaning you can fire an HHN at an even higher credit amount than usual, so long as you know you can win it.

Because of all this, the runner will almost certainly end up clicking for credits and trying to dance around D2D and end up with no credits to actually play the game with, at which point you can start scoring, or just jump to the end of the game with some of that good ol' murder.

I like deck breakdowns, so here's a deck breakdown.


Degree Mill is pretty sick, since a poor runner doesn't install much. There was actually a game I played at the GNK against the Khumalo deck where I was flooded as crap, and ditched 2 Degree Mills to the bin fairly early. The runner sniffed it out immediately and ran on it, but opted to not steal them because he only had out expensive and important pieces of his rig at the time. The next turn I Preemptive'd them back to safety. He lost that game, trying to find 2 more agendas. It's a great agenda in a deck where you are trying to drain tempo from the runner.

SSL is mainly there as an agenda that I don't mind them stealing, since it pays me. It's kinda the same in that tempo area as the last one, which is why so many Asmari decks play both of these.

Beale is a 3/2 and can be scored unadvanced, but I actually did score a 4-point Beale in the GNK, intending to then score out with a 5/3 in the next couple turns while the runner struggled to get back in the game (instead I drew BOOM! and won early).

Net Quarantine is just something to help out bad matchups (Nexus decks) if you draw it, but usually isn't that relevant most of the time.


Aryabhata Tech is the real hero of the deck, so I'm also playing 2x Tech Startups to find them sooner, because the deck really leans on them hard. Really, the deck barely works at all without them, so it's good to get them early ;)

NGO is one of the best Netrunner cards since forever as far as more glacier-y corp play goes, and even if the runner doesn't run it, it still gets you some much needed money.

Reversed is a card I wish I had another copy or two of in this thing, and it might be worth dropping an IPO for another one. It's just another rude tool to drain off the credits of a runner who thinks they're finally getting back into things, only to have all their credits run away again.


Okay, I'm not doing a card-for-card here, since most of these are fairly obvious.

I really wanted at least 2 Preemptive in the deck, not just for Agenda movement, but because the deck really, really needs to have those Ary Techs in order to function, and is great for putting back D2D, Closed Accounts, and Consulting Visits.

Consulting Visit is a card that I think is just dynamite here, since you have so many Weyland cards anyhow. They're so flexible, allowing for earlier copies of D2D to get going, but also HHNs, Closed Accounts, and BOOM!. I'm sure there's times when it's actually right to use one on a Econ Warfare before an HHN as well, but it never happened for me during the day.

Scarcity is just another card to turn on News Hound, but is also something that makes runners econ hurt. I actually overwrote it with a D2D once I found one.


Overall, I was shooting for fairly cheap ICE that aren't going to break the bank in the early game, but still are going to make the runner uncomfortable. The barriers are a very good example of that.

IP Block might be the best barrier in the game right now, since it taxes Clippy for 3 and throws free tags at Aumakua. Resistor is actually almost the opposite as far as taxing goes once Clippy or the Turtle are in place, but it gets great if the runner gives up and goes Tag-Me, since then it gets gigantic. Also, in the early game, almost no one is going to want to pay 4 to break the trace (or 5 or 6, depending how you're using your Making News credits), and that means they're still losing credits from Ary.

News Hound is obviously good in a deck running currents, has that trace that makes Ary so good (as well as gives a tag, which is what the deck relies on as well), and costs MKUltra 6 to break, which is kinda dumb for a 2 rez cost ICE.

Macrophage is such a ridiculously niche piece of ICE, which is why it gets to be a 7 str ICE with a 3 cost rez. But with an Ary Tech up, suddenly all these bullshit traces are incredible, since now they're all relevant, forcing the runner into a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't scenario, where they either pay a billion bucks to break it, lose a billion bucks paying into the traces, or lose a billion bucks to Ary by not paying into the traces. I was really looking forward to playing against the Khumalo deck due to the 3 copies of this life-ruining card I had, but he was very careful in his play, and I had a fairly slow start, so he never faceplanted one.

As I said, this isn't exactly a new deck, but it's super fun if you like direct interaction with the runner. It's very, very bad vs Power Tap Nexus decks, because once they get online they just completely ruin your shit with their link. Net Quarantine helps a bit with this, but if you have a lot of Nexus (or like Geist) in your meta, rather than swapping Beales for Quarantines to help you out, just play something different instead, probably something rushy, like SSO, or the sick NEXT deck that @spags just posted.

30 May 2018 Shishu

Where do you live in which you have enough people to do a 5 round gnk?

31 May 2018 Saan

@Shishu Strangely enough, northern Italy. We had 12 people, and decided that 5 rounds would be a fun amount. It's more rounds than the suggested amount, but it's a GNK, so it's not like there's hard and fast rules that you need to follow, like with the other tournament types.

31 May 2018 lunchmoney

"I like deck breakdowns..." So do I. Thanks :)

31 May 2018 sengir80

Very cool list!

31 May 2018 rex_monolith

I played around with a similar deck and used Tollbooth, Stinson and Sandburg to great effect. I found it quite black or white though, either a very easy win (not much fun) or a complete pasting against decks with links.

1 Jun 2018 Simone Suka

@Saan so that's the nbn that crushed my khumalo :D

1 Jun 2018 Saan

@Simone Suka You had me legit scared that you were going to win. Being able to still access at 0 credits is super annoying to me =(

1 Jun 2018 spags

EconWar+CV+HHN=got my vote

2 Jun 2018 westonodom

"India" in deck name, 0 copies of Indian Union Stock Exchange in the deck. -420 / 100 flavor rating.

16 Jun 2018 Vortilion

Love this Deck. First game I won with a 7 point Beal. ;) question: wouldnt two additional ice, e.g. tollbooth, lake sense? 11 pieces of ICE seem kind of low...

18 Jun 2018 Saan

If you wanted to, you could probably remove the Reversed and an IPO for a couple more ICE, but honestly if the deck is working you don't need much ICE at all. I'd be wary of something like Tollbooth, though, mainly because it's very expensive and rezzing it might push you too far behind in the econ was to land the HHNs. I really considered adding a single Endless EULA, and I think I meant to and just forgot. I think I'd add it over the IPO.

20 Jun 2018 Vortilion

So you mean 1 Eula instead of 1 IPO? Sounds reasonable, I’m gonna try it!

24 Jun 2018 Vortilion

Works great with Eula. Still more than enough eco. Thinking about adding a „blacklist“ instead of an NGO to slow down all these anarchs...