normal argus good day (1st place Omaha 6/3/18)

tooplard 347

BOOM! is actually High-Profile Target, and Veritas is actually Surveyor, but NRDB thinks those cards aren't legal yet.

Pretty normal Argus deck, based on Lobstermodernism. Isaiah and I cut Bryan and IPO for Rashida, because obviously. I also cut a Data Raven for 2 Reversed Accounts so I could run Mumbad Virtual Tour instead of Prisec. Freedom makes MVT irrelevant though, and you should play Isaiah's list instead of mine.

I went 4-0 on the day, but the final game vs Isaiah should have been his win. We both forgot about Turntable, which he could have used to swap Standoff for an Atlas. That game was terrible. Don't watch it.

3 Jun 2018 PyWiz

How did you like HPT compared to BOOM!?

I've been playing Argus with the same swap, and so far it seems like a wash. A lot of times they're functionally the same, but occasionally the fact that it's cheaper / not a double matters and other times they float 2 tags and don't die. I'm leaning towards HPT just being better overall, but wondering how it played out in your testing/tournament?

3 Jun 2018 tooplard

across all our testing and tournament games, hpt was usually the same as boom and sometimes better (mostly because the runner accessed it but couldn't trash it). always run hpt, in my opinion.