Storm of Knifes

helanhalvan 36

So, I have been experimenting with hayle for a while, and found this build quite effective. Some cards of note:

2x Levy

3x Same Old Thing

2x Knifed

A total of 15 copies of Knifed with Laamb, this means that you can Knife pretty much any ice you think is moderately annoying. You are unlikely to reach 15, but still.

1x Maw: with little spare influence, this is an influence effective way to force proper ice over HQ.

3x Stimhack: with SMC and Hayley install, this card is great econ. Can also Charge Study Guide

1x Multithreader: if you Stimhack into no ice, this is a pretty good SMC target. Also works well with Study Guide

1x Study Guide: with just how many code gates are around, getting a breaker that can break DNA trackers and Fairchild 3.0s for 3 credits seems pretty great. Takes a lot of creds to get started, but there are ways around that.

I think the rest of the deck is pretty standard stuff.