Fingerpainting - My Euros Sunny list.

Dr_Madhatter 463

I thought I'd share this as I have a lot of love for Sunny and believe this to be a viable deck for her.

The deck is self explanatory. Emergent creativity is good for Sunny.

Only change I'd make is possibly dropping the armitage for a 3rd paycheck to have a better response to scarcity of resources. Turn 1 scarcity can be hard to deal with.

Has good matchups across the board. Best matchup is against CTM. Worst is against Titan but its still a game you can win with some aggressive play.

I did quite well at euros being around table 20 going into round 6 where I had the worst match of my life suffering an auto game loss due to trying to score an agenda over what i thought was my batty but was actualy my rashida.

I put this down to a bit of idiocy on my own part but I'd also have to factor in fatigue resulting from what was a very difficult, long day caused by technical difficulties. Im sure the judges and organisers did thier best though.

2nd game of that round I proceeded to get wrecked by a turn 1 scarcity play which i couldnt recover from. I then dropped out of the tourny because i was no longer in contention for the cut so i missed the last 2 rounds. Basicaly my final placement in the tournament doesnt reflect the performance of the decks and I do think I may have made the cut with a bit of luck.

Anyway. This is a good Sunny deck. I hope fans of Sunny try it out.

Big thanks to the great people i met at euros. Hope you enjoyed my whiskey!