Hot Ones

aleph_c 624

Huy Fong Sriracha
Do the "usual" combo setup of putting down Hyperdrivers and Bookmarking things for the combo turn.

Ricante Chipotle Bueno
Put down an Incubator at some point before the combo. It'll only need to get to 2 counters, which is just one turn of the corp not purging.

Melinda's Original Habanero
Once you're ready to go, take the Hyperdrivers and kick things off with Mass Install for Hivemind, Cache, and Trypano.

Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce
(note: This sauce is so good that I'm giving it extra spicy card callouts.)
Use the Cache to make sure the Hivemind has no counters on it, allowing you to Contaminate the Hivemind.

El Yucateco Exxxtra Hot Habanero
Now it's time to melt some ice.
Pop the Incubator, moving the counters onto the Hivemind, bringing it (and by extension, Trypano) to 5.

Adoboloco Hamajang Kiawe Smoked Ghost Pepper
Clone Chip, Reclaim, and Scavenge the Trypano as necessary.
n.b. Compile will only let you reinstall Trypano if you encounter a piece of ice, so it's better targeted on HQ, where you don't actually need the ice to melt.

Karma Sauce Extreme Karma
Put down Equivocation (saving some credits with Scavenge, if you like), getting ready to hammer R&D. There's no Apocalypse, so this can go down as soon as the memory's available.

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity
(note: This sauce is garbage. This deck is also kinda garbage. I wouldn't recommend either of them.)

Mad Dog 357 25th Anniversary Edition
Make sure you've run all the centrals, using Out of the Ashes if you can.
Encore! Encore! Encore!

Hot Ones The Last Dab
Top things off with a dab of Akshara Sareen.

4 Jun 2018 Admiral Hotcakes

I never thought I'd see a Hot Ones-flavored deck writeup. Bravo.

(also Secret Aardvaark is so damn tasty)

4 Jun 2018 Skeletons

...Cache to enable Contaminate on Hivemind is just genius. Wow!