Silver Fox's Fine Cologne

mrmoody 30

Make Criminal fun again.

An early attempt to update TheBigBoy's classic PerfumeShop to the modern cardpool, and so far my most successful aggro-crim deck post-rotation. No more influence spent on Desperado/Keyhole/Hades/Vamp means we can fit Turntables and Clip, and Turning Wheel builds off the barrage of events you'll be aiming at HQ.

Installs need to be cheap to maintain tempo. PAD Tap is either great or decidedly not, same goes for Pheromones--I'm not yet sure either are worth the slots but they've usually been a welcome sight in my dozen-ish games so far. Embezzle is fabulous against taggy/killy corps--you get a pseudo-Wanton that pays you back for clearing out the nasty events they're hiding--and like Diversion, it plays fine with 0-access Eater. So do that. Defector obviously supports embezzlement (and how bout that intersection of theme!) but it's also a good midgame drop against many corps, once the HQ runs are taxing enough that you have to make em count.

Pheromones and PAD Tap are also mighty tempo-stealers if the corp decides to purge/trash. Use em as such and recognize that aspect of their value. A broke corp is usually as good or better than making yourself rich (don't tell Gabe).

Draw is not good here. Visage is a nice band-aid when you find it, but probably insufficient. Also lack of currents can be bad--Scarcity is rough as ever, and another reason we dont rely on resources over 2 creds. Suggestions welcome & encouraged, on these points and any others.

Overall, though untuned, this feels powerful, tactical, and fragile--just the sort of Criminal play I fell in love with, and have been missing for a long time. Please sound off with criticisms. Let's make aggro blue a thing again (Geist is fun but doesn't count, neither does durdly Nexus stuff, sorry nerds)

6 Jun 2018 PizzaGio

i totally agree with your playstyle for criminal! nexus is shit playstyle for crimi

9 Jun 2018 CowboyHatValor

I might have to give this a shot! I also prefer the fast and loose style of risky-taking criminal. Enjoyed the write up.

21 Jun 2018 zmb

WHAT??? No Amina???? Best damn Code Gate breaker in the game :D And synergizes with credit denial