Adam Twin-Turbo (38th at Euros 2018)

DoubleK 246

This is a super-aggressive Adam deck that got me to a 38th place at the European Championships 2018. Do not play it if you like consistent and sensible decks. But if you like the idea of opening the game by landing a Deep Data Mining or Legwork on steroids, followed by blindly Mad Dashing any server you see, you might like it.

The idea is to hit the corp hard before they can set up whatever they are trying to set up. The deck is called what it is because it has 2 speed settings: turbo (aggressive) and twin-turbo (really effin' aggressive).


This is my preferred option. Start with Always Be Running, Neutralize All Threats and Safety First as directives and go berserk straight out of the gate. Mulligan for Deep Data Mining and Legwork to play them on first click. If they don't show up, Mad Dash HQ for 2 cards also works. I don't mind taking a meat damage if it misses because I want my hand size below 3 anyway for (ironically) Safety First. If the Dash doesn't show up either, then Dirty Laundry for access and credits will do. A good starting hand will have at least 2 of these run events and comes up quite often. In most cases I can just click through whatever ICE the corp may have put up with Always Be Running and get the run event to hit. First click Legwork to see 4 cards from hand is probably my favourite opener.

The early aggression sets the corp on a back foot and it's forced to spend credits rezzing ICE on centrals. Obviously jamming anything behind single ICE on a remote is also difficult, which means agendas tend to build up in HQ. That works nicely together with Neutralize All Threats, so even hitting HQ without the run events puts on a lot of pressure.

Continue the relentless assault as long as you can. Using run events and cheap virtual breakers means that it's easier to keep the pressure on while staying below the Safety First trigger so it can draw you more ammunition. Occasionally you may have to take a turn to always be running archives, ideally with Dirty Laundry, so instead of clicking through ICE, you can spend the next three clicks to gain some credits and install some icebreaking tools. If you're not sitting with an agenda or two and 2-5 points by turn 5 and the corp manages to get their defenses up, you're probably going to lose the game.

If you haven't won or died already, try to get your hand size up with Brain Cage, Brain Chip and Independent Thinking so you can start drawing for tools for what will hopefully be the finisher. If using the last option, I generally trash Safety First and Always Be Running with any near-empty Daily Casts or Armitages, so I can stop running for a moment, draw a big bunch of cards and set up the big run. Get a few credits, Logic Bomb / Gbahali / Kongamato / Overmind to plow through ice, set up "Freedom Through Equality" if possible, and then go for one big Deep-Data Mining or 4-card Legwork. Same Old Thing helps find them again. If this misses and you're still alive, check if you have pieces left in the deck to try that one more time. If not, then you're most likely out of options and lose the game unless the corp makes a mistake.

This strategy obviously has a lots of early crash and burn potential, but that's just part of the thrill. Punitive Counterstrike especially as a 2x is a problem, but surprisingly often the corp doesn't find it early since they haven't seen too many cards from their deck at that point. I tend to ignore tags with this strategy because resources are cheap and one-of use anyway, so Closed Accounts and resource trashing is less of a problem. Boom is obviously an issue, but that's why there is the other speed setting.


The only time I pick this plan is if I'm up against Jinteki PE, Argus, or if I think my opponent is leaning heavily on Hard-Hitting News --> Boom!

Start with Find the Truth instead of ABR. Mulligan for economy and hand size boost instead of run events. Build up for 2-3 turns, aiming for 12 spare credits to survive Economic Warfare and clear Hard-Hitting News tags before starting to rage. Without ABR as a directive, you may also need to find one of the cheap virtual icebreaking tools if the corp ices centrals. Use Find The Truth to see a little bit when Dashing Madly. Against Jinteki PE and Argus I'm looking to boost my hand size with Brain Cage, or Independent Thinking to get rid of Safety First after the first few turns of getting value out of it. Getting down Employee Strike is also nice before going for a big multiaccess against those decks.


I've had a lot of fun with this deck in victory and defeat. It's just so mental to play. It does pretty well against rushy corp decks like Titan and Skorpios that don't try to kill you, and poorly against murderous run punishment decks like Obokata-Punitive decks. I went 4-4 with it at Euros, my slightly more sensible ASA rush corp deck carrying me further. I might post that later.

I don't play online and got in maybe 10-15 practice games with this deck in our small but wonderfully janky playgroup in a Dublin pub. Euros was my first big tournament and I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was great and the community was very friendly. Big thumbs up to everyone I met and had the pleasure of playing against. Hats off to the organisers for bouncing back with good humour after initial technical difficulties. Finally a big shoutout to the Irish Netrunner gang for a great team spirit throughout the weekend. Cheers!

6 Jun 2018 count_slackula

Great Deck! Well played at Euros pal! - aido

6 Jun 2018 DoubleK

Thanks Aidan! I went all in with a crazy deck and it worked all right this time around. It sure was fun!

27 Jun 2018 ValkyriezGaming

This deck is amazing. I'm a relatively new player, and I just tried this deck out and won 2 games in a row (more than I have won in my last month of trying to play Sunny). I had 6 tags against a CTM deck, thought I was going to die at any minute and just kept running and running and stealing agendas.

Really dig it, cheers man.

27 Jun 2018 DoubleK

@ValkyriezGaming Thanks, and great to hear you had fun and success with it!

Yes, against tags, you have to just ignore them and rely on the deck's speed. It's surprising how often the opponent does not find the kill cards quickly enough until you close out the game. You'll also get to trash BOOM! before they see it, but Consulting Visit and High-Profile Target are a problem.

Against NBN: Controlling the Message, from what I've experienced so far, this deck can win if the agendas come up from R&D before Daily Business Show, so they can't hide the agendas away. If the agendas are at the bottom of the deck, a good CTM player will beat this deck.

28 Jun 2018 ValkyriezGaming

@DoubleKHow do you deal with Agg Infusion and decks that run Prefect adn Obokata agenda's? I play regularly against a friend, and I don't think I've ever won a game against it. I'm going to give this deck a try though.

At least this way if I lose, I'll lose quick.

3 Jul 2018 DoubleK

@ValkyriezGaming Obokata decks are an unfavourable matchup. I have a losing record against them with this deck. It's important to get your hand size up with Brain Cage or Chip and soon a possible. I faced one Jinteki (PE) deck with Obokatas at Euros and won by choosing the turbo plan. Got Brain Cage down early and proceeded to Mad Dash bluffed remotes, a few of which turned out to be Obokatas. It's not like this deck can afford to play it safe :)

5 Aug 2018 Agasha

Love playing this deck. It puts the "run" back in Netrunner.

Any changes you're thinking about from Reign and Reverie?

Thanks for a great list!

8 Aug 2018 DoubleK

@Agasha Thanks and great to hear you've had a good time playing it! It does indeed make it all about running and I like how it makes non-interactive corp decks to actually react to their opponent's play :)

I didn't see anything that good in Reign and Reverie to compliment this list. I don't think Algernon works because this deck tends to run poor. I do want to experiment with DJ Fenris though. Gaining Quetzal's breaking ability, Steve's recursion or extra draw from MaxX or Geist would help in keeping the pressure on. Probably would have to cut an Employee Strike for it.

10 Aug 2018 Agasha

Thanks for the response. If the rumors are true, wold you keep Estrike or Mad Dash (thinking dash. . . ) Add clone chips?

13 Aug 2018 DoubleK

Yes, totally would keep Mad Dash. It's too integral part of the deck to get rid of. I would replace the Estrikes with a third Kongamato and DJ Fenris. Then probably removing at least one Overmind to slot in another current like Interdiction to fight Scarcity.