Cerebral Tennin

shazzner 817

Tennin Institute played like Cerebral Imaging! Ice up ONLY your centrals and play the waiting game while you build a hand to set up a score.

You'll want Mushin, Plan B, and a three-point agenda. Mushin out the Plan B, if they run it score a three-pointer, otherwise you have your TOL battery. If you run out of tricks, Reclaimation order them back or Jackson Howard them back too (Remember to install jackson as a single remote and always trigger it when run, which doesn't count as a successful run). If they're not running, then you're advancing ice walls/Plan Bs at the start of your turn.

Your centrals are designed to be as taxing as possible along with cheap ice to rez. You'll want your ice stack to be something like Sensei -> Inazuma -> Eli/Icewall. Hold onto your senseis until you have a least two ice on a server.