Ken o' Klock

Espatier 55

This is a sort of soft econ denial deck. There are lots of little bits here and there which tax your opponent credits. I'm quite pleased with the overall idea of it, but it definitely needs some tuning.

The combination of Diversion of Funds and Mining Accident is superb in Ken. All the running you do means that that bad pub goes a long way. With Emergency Shutdown, you can contest remotes without too much hassle. With all that HQ pressure, your opponent will want to protect their hand, but this just powers up The Gauntlet.

I've only had the chance to play a few games, and two were lost due to a combination of good play by my opponent and my woeful lack of draw (really, I would have seen that coming if I'd taken another good look at the list). My pet favourite draw card for Ken is Patron, but I can't see it squeezing in here (those Moddeds make Amina much more palatable to install, and are much more flexible and reliable than alternatives like Credit Kiting, so I'd like to keep them). Drug Dealer is a possibility, but I don't want to run Fisk Investment Seminar and give my opponent the ice they need to keep Ken out.

Dorm Computer is a tech card against Quantum Predictive Model, and could be played with. Strike could easily be a Film Critic. The Public Terminals can probably go. Another possibility is to cut an influence pip and move the whole thing into Steve. That would free up slots for draw by letting me cut 3-ofs down to 2-ofs, which Steve can then recur.

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