Flaming Faeries

InanimateLog 441

Ever since Flame Out was spoiled, I wondered if there was an archetype that could be built around it. I'd been wanting to play an aggressive deck that wasn't a midrangey deck labelled as aggressive, so I sleeved up a similar list and gave it a whirl.

As it turns out, the deck is a blast to play and is very skill-intensive. You have a toolbox of things and have to combine them creatively to get into the server you want. Faerie, Tinkering, Scavenge and Flame Out can be used as combo pieces to do shenanigans. I've been scratching my head playing this deck more than basically any other runner deck, but not out of futility (well, most of the time!)

I won't say the deck is tier 1, but it's certainly tier FUN (sorry). This is the first shaper deck I've built that actually feels fast and scrappy and if memory serves me correctly, it has about a 50% winrate.