It's over. Goodbye.

miaxari 130

Some old beloved cards - and some others that express how I feel.

8 Jun 2018 Cpt_nice

"Always be running".

tries not to cry, cries hard

8 Jun 2018 jaiza

You are not the only one m8. "Always be running".

8 Jun 2018 Nutrunner

"Always be running" struck a chord with me. I remember when my brother first bought netrunner in 2012 right after Christmas. I thought the purchase was a silly one and that the game looked dumb. I still felt that way after I played it with him the following few months. But over time, as we continued to play it more and more, I suddenly found the game had become a favorite pastime of mine. Years pass, and now this sadly happens. Rest in Peace Netrunner. You done good by me kid. The meta's finally in the best place it's ever been. Hopefully you'll return to us one day, better than ever. Keep on running netrunner. Keep on running.

9 Jun 2018 Erik_Twice

Thank you Sydan. Than you very much for this.

9 Jun 2018 munsonelliot

"Always be running".

tries not to cry, cries hard

20 Jul 2018 roguefrog

I get the feels.