Post-Netrunner: Corp revived cards

Am 68

Since there's no longer any reason to keep the design space of Netrunner fresh, myself and others have considered a community-mandated version of the game that re-adds a number of rotated cards back into the card pool. There's been some debate on whether a whitelist or blacklist would be healthier for the game, but I've followed the ideology that any card that isn't OP with the current legal card pool (including a significant number of frankly useless cards) should be allowed.

Note: I am not a professional player, and I am not standing by this list as someone with any authority in any Netrunner community. Feel free to argue against any of my decisions.

Some notable choices:

NEXT Bronze - Losing such a simple piece of NEXT ICE has always saddened me. It's always struck me as a perfectly harmless piece of ICE to remain in the game, so I'm happy to see a reason to do so.

Paper Wall - Despite obvious comparisons to Vanilla, I think the combo with Mother Goddess is worth preserving. That said, Quandary is too powerful with so many other cheap rush ICE.

Curtain Wall/Wotan/Oversight AI - Big etr ICE might bring back some Blue Sun.

Janus - Let's bring back some jank.

Zaibatsu Loyalty - It's still garbage, but I guess it's ever so slightly relevant in a 419 world.

Shock! - I only brought this back because I missed having it in Chronos Protocol. With that in mind, in order to balance it with Breached Dome, I believe a Star Wars: TCG system of restricted groups of cards (in which only one card from each group may be included in a deck), would be healthy. In such a system, I'd put both Shock! and Breached Dome in a single group.

Cyberdex Trial - I can't imagine it ever being worth including 6 anti-virus operations, so a worse, neutral Reverse Infection seems fine.

Eli 1.0 - I would've considered this, but since Najja 1.0 has been released, there's no real need for it.

Eve Campaign - Marilyn replaced this.

IDs - Engineering the Future is too good. Some people have considered making it and CI restricted, but I don't want to bring back a card that made every other ID necessarily have to answer the question: "Why aren't I running ETF?"

I think all other IDs are probably fine.

Scorched Earth - No.

Jackson Howard - NO.