The Snapping Turtle (4-1 Fresno Regional)

pj20 1350

This is the deck I took to the Fresno, CA Regionals. I was the only non-Anarch to make the cut, and it didn’t drop a game in Swiss beating a Palana, a PU, Skorp and CtM.

The last few packs have led me away from the classic Off-Campus build, and I think this is a much stronger, faster, more flexible alternative that has better matchups across the board. The prior Achilles heal of that deck was rushy-matchups like Titan and Skorp. Now it’s pretty easy to get into any server turn 1-2 with a combination of Hook/Bitey, Maxwell or Dean/Turtle.

Falsified Credentials is an amazing card for any deck running Pirate stuff, because it allows you to know when you need to run and not waste your stuff only to find out it’s a trap or NGO. It also has the added benefit of money, information and Turtle counters.

Embezzle was also very clutch, especially in matchups like Titan or CtM where you want to try to get important FA or tagging tools out of their hand (and get paid to do so). Worst case it’s free information.

Dorm Computer is the card that gets a lot of head tilts, but it’s soooo good vs Argus, and works great in the CtM matchup where they already have an ARES scored. Can also just avoid the IP Block tag, and invalidates the Data Raven tag if you want to get through.

PAD Tap is just good in general, and even though I didn’t get that many credits off it since most people trashed it on site, it is a nice tempo boost especially when paired with Corporate “Grant”.

Lastly, I think that taking out “real” breakers actually sped it up a little bit, since now you don’t really care about the ice-type or ice-strength. If you can go through your deck once before they threaten game point, you have all the power late game. Every card you draw is econ, and you replenish the biteys/Deans, making it so you can literally get in anywhere at any time.

Spy Camera is real good.

11 Jun 2018 tzeentchling

I do wonder if Dorm Computer might be better replaced by Citadel Sanctuary, but it's definitely a fun solid and unexpected card.

11 Jun 2018 tonybluehose

Embezzle is my new favorite crim card. Just when you think it's silly and bad, it turns out to be silly and good.

17 Jun 2018 ChairmanHiro

Hey PJ. It's metafoxx from jnet. Good to see you're ever vigilant with the bindividual. I've been meaning to try the "zoo" variant of him lately too, but I've been too absorbed in playing Leela again now that siphon is back. GJ on your regionals!

18 Jun 2018 pj20

@ChairmanHiro thanks man! You definitely were instrumental in tweaking my early Geist builds. I think this is my favorite I've made yet.

21 Jun 2018 ChairmanHiro

I'm doing some testing with this build, it's definitely solid, but one thing I've found is that I really like using Drive By instead of Falsified. The information given is identical, but the free trash from Drive By is usually much more important than the money from Falsified. It kills defensive upgrades like batty/ash/Navi grid right away, and in particular Drive By is outstanding against NGO Front, making it die immediately, which means the corp just Install-advance-advanced for nothing.