Lake Michigan Monster (Chicago Regionals)

steve_rhino 77

This is the Palana deck that I took to the Chicago Regionals. It got me playing for the cut, but I wasn't able to close. Runners that I played on the day were Wu, Val, Silhouette, Val, and Reina. Don't be like me, put your Nisei behind a Kakugo when the runner has no cards left, it can't be picked out of your hand for the loss that way.

I based this deck initially on the old Hydra AgInf list that did really well at Worlds, but had to make some changes because Whampoa and Mother Goddess had gotten restricted. I also decided to throw it into Palana too for that sweet sweet credit that you get basically every runner turn. I almost exclusively play Shaper, and silver bullets are my bread and butter. The assets in this list and the tech startups help you play those silver bullets as a corp too.

Agendas - Literally nothing new here. There is almost no reason to play any other agenda suite in Jinteki. This one is just so good. And you get those sweet sweet Nisei tokens.

Assets Blacklist - Stuffs the conspiracy breakers and Levy's. It's an incredible little card that can just win you games. Batty Tithonium compliment it so much with all of Tith's trash card subroutines. Malia Z0L0K4 - My personal answer to Film Critic, but she is much more flexible than just that. At the Regionals, I used her to blank Aesop's, Clan Vengeance, Liberated Account, and Critic. She won't win you games like Blacklist occasionally will, but she can significantly slow down a runner and buy you the time you need to get those few points out that you need. MCA Austerity Policy - Slows the runner down and can score you a sweet sweet Nisei token. NGO Front - It's a great card. The install advance advance game is so strong in this deck because of it. I chose to only run 2 because it keeps runners guessing as to what card I just installed instead of seeing 3 in archives. Rashida - Great card that accelerates your board state and can help get your credit levels back up. Snare! - Cause runners are greedy and should be punished for it. Occasionally it just kills them and it's funny. Tech Startup - Finds the toolbox cards for you, and makes everyone think you are on IT Department.

Upgrades Crisium Grid - Because Indexing and Diversion of Funds exist. Batty - Self-explanatory. Tithonium is an incredible Batty target.

Operations Get money. Get cards.

ICE Kakugo, Enigma, Rototurret I wanted an EtR in every ice type to make sure that I can rush out a couple of points before transitioning to the next three fat ICE. Rototurret is sub optimal against turtle, but Batty justifies it in my mind. Enigma is fine. Kakugo makes Obokata hard to steal. Tithonium, DNA Tracker, Anansi These are the true stars of this deck. Having even one rezzed as the only ICE in front of a server is a major tax and dissuades most runners from running there multiple times. They are all super expensive, so you will probably end up clicking for credits often. My favorite thing in Netrunner right now is a runner blind Femme-ing an Anansi. It warms my bitter heart.

I love this game so much, and I was so happy to see such a great turn out in Chicago. A hearty congratulations to every who played and did well.

12 Jun 2018 Daine

I hate this list—as you know—because I lose to it all the time. It’s great though.

12 Jun 2018 PyWiz

Sweet list!

What made you decide to drop the IT Dept. from the Hydra list? I guess it's less good without the Aginfusion boop?

13 Jun 2018 x-factor103

Lovely list. I had a Batty + program trash deck way back in the sands of time, before the conspiracy breakers dropped. For a time it was not viable, but now, again, it can be. I've experimented on an off again with builds like this, so it's always good to see a fresh take on the ideas! The MCA is a particularly nasty addition if they're locked out of a particular remote!

13 Jun 2018 steve_rhino

@PyWizPartly it was because of that. It's harder to hold onto without the boop. Also, I just hate IT Department math

@x-factor103I never really thought of it as a program trashing deck until the regionals. And then I ended up leaning hard on it. Go figure. MCAA is brutal. Even if it doesn't get you an agenda, it's a must trash asset, and I am always happy to see runners pay everything to go get rid of it