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I like playing with new cards. I also love Shaper BS and having a trick up my sleeve at all times. I love Kit, my favorite runner, and have been looking for an excuse to run her more. Ironic that with the end of Netrunner announced I should finally build a Kit deck I'm satisfied with.

So, lets talk programs. You know what's better than a gimmicky Kit deck with a decoder and Laamb? A Kit deck with a full breaker suite, backup options, a decoder, and Laamb.

And money. Lots of money.


The idea here is a bit of the old standbys and a bit of the new hotness. Kit's ability gets you through 1 ICE servers no problem. CyCy is there for early pressure where you need it, and Gordian is to overwrite it when you want your permanent solution. Laamb, with enough cash, gets you through any other ICE once per turn. Between these two, the corp will need 3 ICE servers for any kind of real defense. Laamb preferably goes on the Dino.

The two Femmes are there for Compile. Think of them like a Shaper Inside Job when you need them. Emergent Creativity is not 100% necessary in this build, so feel free to swap it out to play with influence; I'm currently using it in case a Femme gets stuck in hand and I just want my other installed "for free" or if I have an extra Dino in hand and I want more Femmes out for bypasses.

Paricia and Takobi are also flex slots and I'm not sold on either right now. The deck could probably use some upgrade hate to help on remote lock. Dropping them + Emergent Creativity gives you three slots and plenty of influence to play around. Interdiction might be nice for anti-current as well as anti-upgrade, and I could see PolOp getting some mileage here as well.

Opus is your long term economy solution. Money for traces, money for trashing things, and money for breakers. Laamb can get a bit credit hungry if you need it big, and Opus helps a lot. There's a bunch of burst econ in this deck and you have good draw, so there's plenty of value, plus the burst helps set up Kit early game to keep that speed and pressure she's known for. You'll find you can also recover from runs faster with the burst, using Opus once you're set up or as needed in between to maintain credit superiority.

It's a pretty fun deck overall! I highly recommend it if you like Shapers that break everything with a rig akin to a mac truck taped to another mac truck driving through the server. Mess with the build on the aforementioned influence and slots, and let me know how it goes!