Private School [Not-Last-Place at Chicago Regionals 2018]

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Welcome to Private School!

Lots of firsts for me with this one. First number 1: My first regional! And I made top 25 (out of 44 (!)) folks who came out to Good Games in Chicago to boot. First number 2: Actually having a corp deck that I've played more than two weeks. I'm very indecisive about decks, but this is the most comfortable I've felt with a corp deck (or any deck, really) by far. First number 3: This is my very first published decklist...please be gentle.

This deck went 3-2 on the day and has a 75%+ win rate if you include Jnet and weekly meetup shenanigans. Overall, I love Azmari for three main reasons:

1) It forces your opponent to make the additional choice/consideration of when they should do something lest they want to increase their opponent's bank roll (this is similar to how I feel about IDs like 419 as well). Netrunner is fraught with choices already moment-to-moment, so adding in yet another consideration is grand.

2) There are so. many. archetypes. Tag punishment/kill; low agenda density; FA; even glacier. This one happens to be the "low agenda density" deck which makes it difficult to steal agendas and/or beneficial to me (SSL) when you do.

3) So much money. All the time. Rez all the things. So rich.


I wont go through all of them, but here goes...


Degree Mill: Nothing like seeing one or even two of these in hand turn 1. Sometimes I even mulligan for one. You can IAA one of these and laugh as the runner either 1) doesn't run it cuz they think it's a heckin' NGO ruse or 2) runs it but can't steal it because they didn't install anything.

SSL: Again: $$$$


MCA Austerity Policy: My record is pumping this for 9 turns until I find a 5/3 to score from hand. EZ.

Personalized Portal: No joke, rez two of these at one time - especially against non-bin breaker factions - and watch them have to choose what to discard every turn while you make BANK.


Lots of flex slots here, but...

BBG: Lets me rez the Echo Chambers for free, mostly for game point.

Crisium Grid: Because DoF and Indexing exist.

Navi Mumbai City Grid: Because pirates exist.

Red Herrings and Ash are probably flex slots; especially Ash if you want more inf.


Punitive Counterstrike: You have tons of cash to boost traces and lots of 5/3s. Only bit of kill in the deck but it's worth it. Best moment from Regionals was:

Runner's click 1: Indexing (see's a Degree Mill) Runner's click 2: Career Fair's an Ice Carver Runner's click 3: Installs an MK Ultra from hand Runner's click 4: Dirty Laundry's R&D and uninstalls MK and Ice Carver (1 card in hand) My turn: Punitive for the win!


Most flex slots abound. All I will say is the following:

--3x Tollbooth is a must (you have the $$$ to pay for it) --Jua is MVP for anti-bin breaker and SMC tech. Put it on the outside if you can. --Flare is bae, I don't care what they say.

Overall, I've kept this ICE suite for awhile, but it's definitely where I've made the most changes since playing the deck. Case in point: I put in Little Engine the night before Regionals for the lolz, but there are probably better choices.

Thanks for reading and love to you all. Stay strong in these uncertain times and #AlwaysBeRunning.

EDIT I should've mentioned in the AGENDAs section that this deck gets pretty hosed by Film Critic (don't we all?). Watch out for that and setup your remotes accordingly...your "self protecting" or "self rewarding" agendas are not so when that lady's around...

15 Jun 2018 EnderA


A lot of great stuff in here, but I think the biggest improvements to the deck would be focusing it. There are several cards that aren't as effective as they could be if they were more built around, like Personalized Portal (could combo with Standard Procedure, and need 3x since it self-synergizes), Punitive Counterstrike (Portal makes it harder to kill, want the kill to be more reliable than just 2x and pray, probably want money draining cards to keep them poor), and Data Raven (no tag punishment, they can go tag-me for free).

There are other pet cards that aren't particularly great. You may be rich, but Flare is insanely expensive, relies on a trace, has a single subroutine, and runners are running Maxwell James/Hippo/Crocs. It's biggest upside was getting rid of Plascrete Carapace in kill, but that's not a consideration anymore. Breaker Bay Grid doesn't save you very much and leaves R&D more vulnerable. It can't be both in your scoring server and another remote (for Portal), so your savings are limited. You only need to score one Echo Chamber, probably to end the game, so the money you save there isn't particularly important. It also does nothing by itself.

There are other cards that are extremely efficient that could be added. Rashida Jaheem stands out as completely nuts. Going up to 3 Scarcity of Resources synergizes really well with Azmari, letting you two-pronged attack the runner's grip, and clears the wildly popular Employee Strike. That opens up the possibility of running News Hound (one of the most efficient sentries in the game), and possibly adding one or two more currents, although that's been done elsewhere. Endless EULA is also an incredible piece of taxing ICE.

If you fear Film Critic you can throw in MCA Informant, or just go deeper in tagging/punishment, although they probably won't install her until you IAA. If you want tag punishment, you could put in BOOM!/Closed Accounts/The All-Seeing I/Psychographics/Hard-Hitting News.