Prepaid Mti

InanimateLog 441

Use Mti's ability to protect Indian Union Stock Exchange, and get lots of money for exchanging stocks at the Union of India. If the runner runs them, use Mti and the supreme facecheck penalty of Rainbow to make sure they regret it.

The New Angeles Stock Exchange (NASX) is probably hilarious with this deck but I haven't tested it yet.

15 Jun 2018 Severijn

Nice application of Indian Union Stock Exchange. This deck should be swimming in money. Wish Chimera was still around. Any thoughts on Sandburg in this deck, or a Gene Splicer to make it easier to score out?

15 Jun 2018 Sanjay



17 Jun 2018 InanimateLog

Sandburg, Gene Splicer or any other defensive card is a good idea. I have a crippling addiction to money so I cut out the second Batty, but I'm sure some econ/ice could be swapped to cards that make it easier to score.

21 Jun 2018 Severijn

Made my own variant of this cool strategy.

I made a couple of cuts in the operations, because I had too much money and think Melange Mining Corp. is just going to be better with the tech startups already in deck. I was similarly addicted to the second batty, especially now that I play Crick that could recur it. Also tested Viral Weaponization, and found that it buys me more time than corporate sales team as it blows up all the cool cards the runner hoards, especially Employee Strikes.

I'm not entirely certain whether I should drop the last Fairchild 2.0 for 2 Global Food Initiatives.

By the way, the MVP for me has been Assassin. It catches so many players off-guard.