Doofus Reina

internet 673

I was feeling inspired by the old credit denial Reina decks, so I put this together to see how well Diversion of Funds + Hippo + the cutlery suite would work together. It was a lot of fun to play, and decidedly more interactive than the old-style "Siphon you 10000x" decks - Doof is a powerful tool but not your entire gameplan, and Planned Assault + recursion opens up a more toolbox-y event suite.

Hippo is a really fun and well-designed card with lots of cool interactions/counterplay. It has some strange interactions with Knifed/Spooned/Forked - cutlery is not a "may" ability whereas Hippo is, so it takes precedence when checking if an ice gets trashed. Note that, if "outermost" changes during the run via ice destruction, you can open new targets for Hippo! Also note that Hippo is unique, so if the corp is playing around it you may end up with copies sitting in your hand, although you're probably in good shape in that scenario.