Diamond Batty

Pinkwarrior 2278

Built based on Beyoken's Next Diamond deck.

Why Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded? well mainly its the only 40 deck min in HB which means you can setup that Surat City Grid quicker. It also has a minor advantage in the fact that brain damage is gonna hurt sooner and the Marcus Batty kill is more likely with the runner having less cards.

Going only 3 points helps slow the runners early game down since they need to get half your score-able agendas to win. SSL Endorsement gives you more cash which even with Surat City Grid rez reduction your still gonna need alot of cash. Domestic Sleepers to clear currents and get you that last point.

Seidr Adaptive Barrier to give more ETR subs and can be taxing with multi ICE servers. Marilyn Campaign cos its great in a 44 card deck, it gets round Pad Tap's also and gives more triggers to Surat City Grid.