I need 6, you need 7.

proxy 598

6 May 2014 Oneiro

I played a similar deck, but without the sansans and got crushed by almost every runner. Have you playtested this? It would be great to finally find a solid medtech build^^

6 May 2014 proxy

I have playtested this, yes. It's actually been pretty good. The one thing that I've found that hurts is early R&D pounding. A lucky early agenda hurts this deck more than most.

I've been toying with a new, different build eschewing the NAPD Contracts and adding in four 3-for-1s (3x Clone Retirement, 1xProfiteering/Gila Hands Arcology/Unorthodox Predictions/House of Knives) which would be, in theory, a little safer.

The Shi.Kyus really give this deck a little breathing room if you can land even one (hence the name).

I think the ICE needs a little help. I'll probably replace Pup with something that has a little more stopping power, like Bastion or Enigma.

6 May 2014 Exo

I never used Guard by now and I wonder if I should try it. Is it a real deal in your opinon?

8 May 2014 proxy

Guard's pretty good. I've been liking it so far. I don't like having too many, because it rolls over and dies to a breaker.