Null Strike (2-3, Cleveland Regionals 2018)

NoahTheDuke 23

Took this to Cleveland Regional where it went 2-3: won against Azmari, CtM, lost vs Mti, SSO, Titan.

Overall I went 5-5, which is the best showing I've ever had, so I felt pretty pleased even considering this deck's poor performance. The major problem I think was cutting 1 Clan Vengeance, making me see it a lot less than I should have. I'm really glad I traded out Levy for E-Strike: it put it a lot of work for me versus both Azmari and Ctm. Sadly, I didn't see it in time for Titan Atlas train.

I also didn't use Same Old Thing at all, and I only used The Turning Wheel twice. TTW won me the game against Azmari, but I didn't see it consistently enough to make it feel worth it. I think I'll drop the SoT and the Fisk Investment Seminar for another TTW come the Louisville Regional.