Reavershop Wu (1st Fargo Regionals)

FreqKing 223

I have been an avid fan of Brahman since it was released. I was happy to see the strong finish that TugtetguT achieved at Euros and I was practicing with variations of that excellent list for the small Fargo regional.

Due to the total reliance on ProCo for draw, I was finding it could occasionally have slow starts and the single indexing and legwork often left me without the early central pressure I wanted. 18 resources with no currents also had me a bit nervous in this time when resources are so often scarce.

So, true to form I changed decks the night before and sleeved up a slight edit of saetzero’s Reavershop Wu.

This build relies more heavily on feeding programs to the shop, playing around Scarcity of Resources, and the tempo of Reaver draws is phenomenal. I dropped 2 Wastelands from the list in favour of a Clot (I didn’t face any fast advance but the SacCons added valuable Aesop’s dollars) and a Legwork. 3 Indexing is absolutely the right choice. I was able to run aggressively against HHN threat knowing that Misdirection was always in easy reach. I really missed D4vid against the Mti and NEXT glacier type builds I faced. In one match I had to break a Sandburg server with a Bulwark and a Tithonium with strength in the teens with hard earned dollars. Twice. Whether d4vid would be better than the consistency and speed of Reaver is a meta call.

I played phette23 excellent Mti list card for card on the corp side:

Thanks to all the great players and the friendly staff for organizing. Shout out to all the awesome folks of the (winni)Peg City Grid.