:money_mouth_face: ? (3rd, Cleveland Regionals)

stoppableforce 575

I'd been talking up NEXT and decided to put my money where my mouth is. ?

I knew going to Cleveland that I wanted a rush deck, and I was down to a choice between something like @themeanlady's SSO and @tmoiynmwg's NEXT. In the end I decided I wanted to be completely immune to Employee Strike, picked something like the NEXT and dicked around with the ice and influence and made it probably worse but still went 3-2 with it. Zero games of practice also didn't help.

In the Swiss, it beat Val, Geist, and Geist; it lost to a self-damage Alice deck when I couldn't draw agendas to save my life - except for the turns when my opponent was going to put them into the trash, of course. In the cut I first had the opposite problem, with the deck barfing up 15/20 agenda points into my hand in the first three turns, then a game that I think I could've won (though it would've been very close) but my extremely fatigued dumbass self put a Jinja on top of another Jinja in a remote, instead of the Bryan I meant to put there; Bryan was resting comfortable in HQ instead.

There are a lot of changes I'd probably make to this (I want a second NGO, I want a Biotic, kick Fairchild Prime to the curb, NEXT Sapphire did f*ck-all, CST > Remote Enforcement) but we're about to go into a R&R meta and I think there'll be better things to do. Besides, CTZ's Custom Biotics version looks more fun and did better.