Festering Turtles [2018 Nationals][T16]

TheRyanBurke 1954

This deck is bad and you should not play it. There, I warned you.

I took a break from Netrunner following the release of "The Devil and the Dragon." When I heard The Bad News of 2018-06-08, I raced to complete my card set by ordering what I could from eBay, FLGS, and e-tailers. Nationals was not on my radar because I was on a long trip before the event. When I got back to Seattle two days before, I decided I needed to play in the last official Nationals for A:NR. In total TheRyanBurke style, I sleeved up some jank the night before and brought it to the event completely untested. I just wanted to play some damn Netrunner. I did not expect to make the cut!

What I built reminded me of early 2013 criminal credit denial. That's my favorite kind of Netrunner: the knockdown, drag out, play-to-the-credit kind of game. With the Son of Account Siphon released in "Kampala Ascendant," combined with credit-sapping abilities like 419: Amoral Scammer, Corporate "Grant", and Lamprey, I was interested in tilting board state to my favor following big ICE rezzes and agenda scores. What I forgot about were cards like Bryan Stinson and SSL Endorsement. Good thing you can finish strong with a 3-3 Runner when there's a 5-1 Corp covering your ass.

My favorite games of the tournament were against Cory in round 6 of swiss and John T in round 1 of bracket play. Cory rezzed THREE Tithoniums (two with credits, 1 one with a HT forfeiture) by mid-game. I had to face plant Mausoleum three times for Turtle+Sucker tokens and miracle bid my way through two Batty's to steal the final agenda.

John T's (joseki) Palana gave me a lot of grief with high strength ICE but opened up an opportunity to grab a credit lock for most of the game. We went to time at 4-5 on my turn. John had a Nisei in a remote with 1 advancement counter plus a Batty. I found another 2AP in HQ but couldn't win the hail mary Batty game to prevent him from winning on his final turn.

Sadly, luck would have me play my Runner deck twice in the bracket and I went 0-2 on day two.

In conclusion, I don't recommend playing THIS list, but I think there's a fun tier two 419 credit denial shell in there somewhere. Maybe I'll keep tweaking this to find it.

P.S. Keep playing Netrunner even when FFG stops supporting it.