Catch Me if You Can!

coyotemoon722 49

"Catch Me if You Can" is a movie which features the dramatization of the life of Frank Abagnale, notorious con-artist played by Leonardo DiCaprio. If by some chance you haven't seen it, it's worth a watch.

Been out of Netrunner for a while but I came back to find Geist has some new toys :) The dino breakers are really 2.0 versions of the breaking and entering suite and do a tremendous job of cutting through ICE.

But the fraud-breakers are the stars of the late-game show. Once you've accumulated a pile of money, you can afford to break ice, and not have to rely on trashing breakers. This allows you to run only one copy of Levy, freeing up influence for Deep Data Mining and Street Peddler. Plus their bypass ability is great as well.

Despite being well over 45 cards, this deck is pretty lean with 3-ofs of the important things like Same Old Thing and Diversion of Funds, and 1-ofs of the game-impacting run events like Legwork and the aforementioned DDM. Really the 3 No One Homes are irrelevant in many games, but save you in others providing defense against things like Hard-Hitting News.

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