Bakaru 252

0200 - You peer into the lit up city as the faint outline of your target sharpens more into focus. After weeks of planning it was determined speed is the only way this crazy idea of a heist is going to work.

tumblr_oe12rt5Apm1sebz5yo1_500.gif”Speed costs, how fast do you want to go?”

0201 - Your team arrives. Time to go.

6c3f4264d12accfa9746755b699fcb0f.gif”Don't lift until the fear of death overcomes the fear of speed.”

0202 - Silhouette, Fisk, and 419 confirm they have successfully infiltrated HQ using the codes acquired from Maxwell. The HQ outer defenses are deactivated...for only 2-3 minutes max until likely noticed by security. The opened outer gate goes by in blur.

tumblr_ox1lij1m8l1wzvt9qo4_500.gif”At a certain point there’s no turning back. That point was at the start.”

0202.30 - You arrive just in time within range to download the goods.

007d1da5a68283e902754ae87ebc002e.gif”Newman's first law: It is useless to put on your brakes when you're upside down.”

0204 - You activate the bike’s new built in Paragon console and go to work. The Icebreakers do their job and the man on the Inside does his.

1204c00abf695804f17896bac2970887.gif”Is hacking ever acceptable? It depends on the motive.”

0205 - …’Upload Complete’. You got the creds and the agendas, now time to get out of here before them Argus boys show up.

tumblr_ox1lij1m8l1wzvt9qo2_500.gif”It's not a throttle-it's a detonator.”

Netrunner forever <3

28 Jun 2018 BlackCherries

You're a madman for not including Diversion of Funds lol

28 Jun 2018 Netrunnerunner

@BlackCherriesI think you kind of have to choose between Diversion of Funds and Hot Pursuit, because having eight events in your deck that say "Make a run of HQ. If successful..." is kind of a recipe for disaster when you get locked out, and taking out Hot Pursuit destroys the entire meme.

That said, it seems like this deck is looking to play a bit of credit denial (via Amina and Maxwell James), so I think Diversion of Funds might be better. This deck doesn't really commit to the tag removal (only one link possible, no Power Tap) well enough for me to think that Hot Pursuit is superior to DoF.

28 Jun 2018 Bakaru

@BlackCherries @Netrunnerunner DoF is good but not great IMO. To me it's better in a straight up credit denial deck where that's the focus. That's not really the focus in this deck. What I liked about Account Siphon was the 10 credits you got, Hot Pursuit and Paragon fill that void to a certain degree. A lot of times you'll spend more using DoF than gaining, and this deck is about gaining and not caring about how much the corp has. I also felt Dirty laundry was a more flexible choice over DoF, less clicks and works on any server. I like Amina for taking care of big Code Gates regardless of the credit denial function, and Maxwell James is a nice bypass card essentially (too good not to have). As a runner getting a ton of credits fast and being rich is it's own kind of pressure, and I think it's finally nice to see Crim finally get the tools again to sort of make that happen in an efficient way.

29 Jun 2018 sekoku

I don't really have anything to say about the deck (though it's interesting enough that I kinda want to try it and fail to pilot it on Jinteki. :p), but I wanted to comment: A++ pun title. Would favorite again.

29 Jun 2018 RepoRogue

Any deck that repeatedly wants to run centrals does and should care how rich the Corp is. The strength of Diversion, and where it remains pretty much just as good as Syphon, is that keeps the Corp too poor to tax you effectively. It allows you to make all sorts of awesome pressure plays against the Corp. Are they low on credits and just added a third piece of ice to HQ? Time to run R&D and dare them to rez. Diversion will make you more money by virtue of saving you money that the Corp now can't afford to tax you.

If you're worried about getting flooded by cards that say, "Make a Successful run on HQ," (which I think is a reasonable concern) then cut the Legworks: you already have The Turning Wheel and you want to be making lots of runs on HQ to proc your ability. Besides, Steve can afford to pitch cards early since he has built in recursion.

29 Jun 2018 Bakaru

@sekoku Thanks! The deck started with the title haha

29 Jun 2018 Bakaru

@RepoRogue Yeah you're not wrong. I definitely don't think running DoF here is a bad thing, and there's a strong argument to swap out one or two DLs for them. But personally I don't think leaving it out is detrimental to this deck specifically.